Most Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads. Here's how to Fix That

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If you own a business, you must use advertising to get your product/service in front of the eyes of potential customers. Today, it is likely that you use Facebook to market your products and services to its 2.2 billion daily active users with ads. However, the numbers are against you, if you own a small business. According to research, a whopping 62% of small business owners feel that their Facebook ads are failures. While the ads may not generate the return you’re looking for, the problem isn’t Facebook ads. If you are a fledgling with Facebook ads, you may have a few factors working against you: a lack of understanding of content marketing; no strategy, plan or measurement system for your ad; not investing enough time or money; not targeting the right audience; you may be going for the cold sale; or you don’t deem Facebook a business or handle it as such.

Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca StewartBrand Strategist

I specialize in growth marketing for Grolo by optimizing social media, digital advertising, branding, and content creation for small business clients. I would love to hear about your brand or business that would benefit from fun, creative and most importantly effective growth strategy.


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