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Traditional strategies in business advertising tells us that putting ads on TV, radio, newspapers and online to promote your business and get new customers is the best way to go.  Today, however, on the local small business scene, this may not be as successful as using local marketing techniques.

Hyperlocal marketing has increasingly become more popular among local businesses.  This is because of its efficiency in targeting the consumers in the communities and surrounding places where local businesses are located.  They now place ads in the local magazines and newspapers, local blogs, local online communities, as well as GPS based online apps.  Hyperlocal marketing also includes out-of-home (OOH) advertising or outdoor advertising like billboards, posters and digital screens which are great examples of effective hyperlocal channels.

What exactly is Hyperlocal?

Mainly, “hyperlocal” means a particular area, neighborhood, street, zip code or community, and, in our case, one that you want to encompass in your advertising. In relation to marketing, it basically means it is a method to identify a targeted audience within that particular area, using location-based technology, like the GPS in your mobile device. It is a must for local businesses today to use hyperlocal marketing due to the huge upsurge in local searches, often using smartphones or other mobile devices.  Going hyperlocal is the best way to exploit the opportunity.

Hyperlocalizing is perfect for Local Business

Local businesses that want to benefit from reaching a specific audience in nearby surrounding areas can use hyperlocal targeting in their advertising. This type of advertising can be very effective for businesses that have fixed locations or storefronts, since their targeted area is not likely to change. In addition, if you operate a service type of business, you can use hyperlocal targeting to focus on particular neighborhoods where you want to sell your service.

Be Nearsighted: Focus on the Local Market

With the current developments of the Internet, reaching the global market has become more accessible for local business to promote their brand globally.  It may also depend on the nature of your product or brand. But focusing only on the global market may actually cause you to miss out on the narrower, but nonetheless profitable local market segment.  In a lot of cases, however, local businesses find that catering to local needs are also profitable.  And by using targeting strategies through hyperlocal advertising can be a very useful tool to slice your lion’s share of the local market cake.

The Best Bang for your Buck

Focusing on more cost effective advertising methods is a better and more rewarding way for local businesses to invest their limited budgets, unlike big businesses that can make use of more expensive ways to promote their brand.  This means taking advantage of the local businesses’ familiarity of and proximity to the local market which big businesses don’t have.  Having high visibility, which big businesses can do, does not always mean it is better in a local context.  Connecting and being relevant to your target audience is the key where local business has the upper hand.

A study from Outdoor Media Corporation revealed that consumers are 250% more receptive to outdoor marketing content than when they are at home. This shows the advantage of hyperlocal marketing. Now, consumers pay more attention to opportunities which they perceive as contextually relevant -than most advertisers previously knew.   

Touching Base with the Local Community

Tapping into the culture of a local community that is unique to them can be a very effective branding method.   A good example of this is by putting up banners to cheer for the local participant to “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent”.  The community will perceive your brand as being relevant and adds an element as being one with the community.

Entrenching your brand as local means your marketing strategy should feel local.  Establishing a connection with prospective customers by having content that is relevant, contextualized and is one with the mood of the community.  

Localizing Out-of-Home (OOH)

OOH ads and hyperlocal advertising are the perfect couple. They are like Jaime and Cersei Lannister in the popular series Game of Thrones.  This is because OOH ads are found where people converge while moving in the cities. Take, for example, the digital screens on subway stations, posters in bus stops and billboards in major intersections. They can be found where there are lots of people.  And these are perfect settings for hyperlocal ads.

Here are a few statistics that proves the effectiveness of OOH ads:

  • 70% of buying decisions are done during shopping or while in stores said a Nielsen report.

  • Almost 80 % of buyers take action after viewing an outdoor ad.

  • Close to 60% of buyers are interested in time/day/location particular outdoor ads. (e.g. delicious $10 buffet lunch at Resto A, located at the corner of B & C St. 10am to 12nn, Mon-Thurs only,  Hurry!)

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Strategic placement of video screens are perfect modes for businesses to display attractive messages, especially if located where there are long lines and people are bored. This situation makes them especially receptive to nicely done video content. In research done by Millward Brown and Impax Media, 84% of shoppers watched content on video screens to pass time while waiting in line at the supermarket check-out counters and 50% of those surveyed responded that it improved their perception of the retailer.

You may already know that video screens as OOH ads are also effective mediums.  One reason is that a regular one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words says Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.   Additionally, when strategically located, video screens may also provide information with local significance, such as weather conditions, traffic situations, informative tips and so on.  This makes for a perfect attention-getter for passing pedestrians, passengers waiting for a ride or customers waiting in line.

Local Advertising Explosive Combo

Ads Combo #1: Traditional Media + Hyperlocal + OOH = BOOM!

An effective advertising strategy for any local business or brand must have a well-rounded characteristic.  By mixing different media and emphasizing the importance of a locally contextualized marketing effort along with OOH ads can make your advertising more rewarding.

Combining advertising with hyperlocal targeting and OOH is a very potent strategy for local businesses.  In a study conducted by Outsmart, a UK-based OOH trade group, the conclusion was made that all media channels improve ROI when OOH is included in the (advertisement) mix.  So, integrating these into your strategy is a proven way to make you brand Top-of-Mind awareness spike.

Ads Combo #2: Traditional Media + Hyperlocal + OOH + Social Media = M.O.A.B.

It makes perfect sense to add social media marketing methods in the mix.  In combination with other targeting methods, local businesses can now accurately reach those who specifically fit the profile of their “ideal customer persona” by using the developments made on social media platforms that allow users, especially businesses, to specifically target audiences based on location.

Using this kind of marketing mix, brands can now connect with customers even while they travel to different places and maintain this attention by using social media platforms for virtually uninterrupted engagement.   

Bottom-line: It’s all about getting Intimately Personal

The entire purpose of a hyperlocal advertising or marketing campaign for a local business is to identify, locate and engage the right local customer.  Projecting the brand as being locally in context is the way to making products and services increasingly relevant. And being relevant means shaping your brand into what your customers are looking for in a brand. It is like having a telepathic connection with customers and that makes them feel that your brand clearly understands what their needs and wants are.  When this is achieved, brand trust is established which translates into multiple business opportunities.


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