Waze Local Can Promote Your Business to Commuters Starting at $2 a Day

Waze Local


Waze officially launches its ad program for small businesses

As a business owner, one should be looking for the best ways to get their product/service in front of the eyes of potential customers. The best way to accomplish this is through innovative marketing and advertising. Utilizing the dynamic advertising options provided by newer technologies that consumers are using is probably the most effective way to go about it, these days. While many know about advertising on social media, you are not restricted to social networks to promote your business. It has recently been reported that using the ridesharing app Waze Local has been paying off for business owners. For as little as $2 per day, you can make your business known to a host of commuters in your community. It just might be worth it. According to Google, companies that used Waze Local to advertise experienced an increase of 20%. 

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Matt Phillips, Head of Waze Local, explains the need small businesses have to drive in foot traffic. Phillips is quotes as saying, “SMBs are not interested in driving clicks to their websites. They want real-world impact. They want the ability to do that in a digital advertising context to be quick and easy. They don’t have big marketing teams, so they want the reporting to be simple as well. We took those needs and addressed them in Waze Local.”

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Rebecca Stewart | Brand Strategist

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